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Lose Weight Naturally - 9 More Weight Loss Tips

"Everyone has a desire to rid themselves of their weight as quickly as they can. I wish that I had a magic wand that I could wave over every obese person out there and his/her excess fat would be gone forever. This simply is not the case. Here are some easy to follow weight loss tips to help you slowly and methodically get to your goal. So I hope you enjoy reading these 9 weight loss tips.

Weight Loss Tips #1: Want It!

In order to be successful at weight loss you have to want to lose the weight. You must commit to this want, not just say that you want to lose the weight. The best way to commit to losing weight is to make a goal, write it down, then stick to it.

A goal does not have to be just about the weight you lose or want to lose. You could write a goal using your body measurements or percentage of body fast lost, or it may be your desirable clothing size. Set your goals in a way that they are attainable. For example, I want to lose 15 pounds by Christmas or I want to drop 2 dress sizes by my sister's wedding.

Once you have set your larger goals, you need to set smaller ones to make sure you are on schedule to achieving your long-term goal. Keep track of your goals by using a weight loss chart, a food journal, or an exercise chart. Keeping a journal is the best way to track the foods you eat, the amount of water you take in, the amount of daily exercise, and to daily write out those goals. You can even track how you are feeling throughout the day. This will help in knowing whether you are eating because of a particular mood or not. Keeping a journal is good way to stay committed to your weight loss.

Weight Loss Tip #2: Keep it in the Kitchen

The of the worst habits that people have is not eating at the kitchen table. They are either standing to eat while doing other things or they are in front of the television. Experts say that generally people who eat while watching television eat larger servings of food. Our focus is on what we are watching, not what we are eating.

We need to move away from our family rooms and back into the kitchen. During this time eat slowly and spend some time with your family. Talk to the spouse and children. Pay attention to what you are eating as well as how much you are eating. When you eat slower, your stomach will have the time needed to signal you that you are full and you will not have over-eaten and feel miserable.

Weight Loss Tip #3: Throw Out Temptation

In order to remain faithful to your weight loss regime, you must remove all temptation from your cabinets, freezer, and vehicle. Replace the candy and fatty foods with the right foods. Sugar-free gelatin and pudding is a wonderful way to take care of that sweet tooth in a correct portion without adding a lot of calories. Low-fat popcorn or low-fat flavored popcorn is another wonderful replacement to fatty snacks.

Try not to eat unhealthy snacks for a couple of weeks. Keep a bag of crunchy vegetables, like carrots handy to help with hunger. Most crunchy veggies tend to satisfy you more and are lower in calories.

Weight Loss Tip #4: Find Support

Weight loss is a challenge alone, but with a partner, it will seem much easier. Look for a weight loss support group on-line or a forum. Facebook even has support groups. If you prefer, not to have someone on-line then start your own support group in your home or someone else's home. Otherwise, all weight loss companies offer a support group or sometimes a little one-on-one counseling.

Your support groups can include family, friends, coworkers or even your neighbors. Your group could be as large or as small as you like. Ask everyone you know to support you in your weight loss endeavors with some encouragement.

.Weight Loss Tip #5: Stop Bad Habits

Most learned or old habits are hard to break. It's time we make a change. We do not have to eat everything that is on our plate. Most of grew up knowing that we must eat everything on our plates because there are starving children in Africa. It is okay to leave a little food on our plates every now and again.

We need to listen to our bodies and stop eating when we are full. We must eat smaller portions of our food. We need to avoid having seconds. Try to eat 6 small meals instead of three large ones. Eat breakfast, have a morning snack, eat lunch, have an afternoon snack, eat dinner, have an evening snack.

When you eat out at a restaurant either order from the children's menu or ask when you order for the waitress to bring you a to go box. When the food arrives, place half or more of the food into the to go box.

Weight Loss Tip #6: Add Variety

You need a little variety in your life. This goes for food too. You will get bored eating the same thing week in and week out. Once this boredom hits, you will slip back into your old habits. Eat a little something from each of the major food groups, including fruits, vegetables, protein, dairy, whole grains, and fats.

In order to stay energized, eat five to six small meals everyday. This also helps your metabolism. Eat a protein with most meals, including eggs, beans, lean cuts of meats as well as fish. We need to try to eat a minimum of five servings and up to nine servings of fruits and vegetables daily. If you are watching your sugars, also watch the amount of fruit you are consuming. You really need to eat more vegetables than fruit. Also you need to eat a variety of both fruits and vegetables. Don't just eat the same foods daily. Remember the key is variety.

The bread, pasta, and cereal you consume needs to be whole grain. If you have never had whole grain pasta, then mix with regular pasta and gradually add more and more whole grains until you are used to it. It holds true for bread especially if you make your own. The complex carbohydrates and high fiber in whole grain bread and pasta help to speed up your metabolism. The dairy products you consume should be low-fat or fat-free.

Also make sure you are eating good fats, such as olive or safflower oil. Your body needs a certain amount of the good fats. Make sure that you read your labels and stay away from foods that have trans-fats. Trans-fats are extremely bad for you.

Weight Loss Tip #7: Satisfy the Sweet Tooth

On your weight loss journey there will be times when you will crave something sweet. If you want it then have a small piece of whatever you are craving. It is better to have a small piece of it than ignoring your craving and then bingeing because you have deprived yourself from it for so long. Don't get into a habit of eating this way daily though. It is okay to give into the craving from time to time, but not daily.

Weight Loss Tip #8: Watch What You Drink

Of course the number one choice to drink is water clean of chlorine. You need a minimum of six glasses of good water. You can also drink green tea. Consumption of green tea can help with weight loss.

Several people do not track or think about the amount of calories in their beverages. A regular flavored cola has more than 100 calories and 10 teaspoons of sugars. Fruit drinks are also high in sugar and calories. Switch to diet drinks and drink more green tea and water.

Beware of your alcohol consumption. Most alcoholic drinks have lots of sugar and are high in calories. Alcohol turns to fat and sugar in your body. Limit how often you have a drink. Save it for special occasions and try to consume lower calorie beer or wine.

 Weight Loss Tip #9: Get Active

Getting active is an import key to weight loss. We need to get moving if we want to lose weight and keep it off. However, sometimes when you start an exercise program, you go from couch potato to exercise fanatic. You want to gradually start the exercise regime over time.

Start off with just walking. Walking takes no special equipment other than a good pair of shoes. Walk at a pace that is good for you and walk for twenty minutes, three times a week. As time goes on, walk a little faster and add more time. You can add strength training twice a week. Start with something light like two cans of soup then gradually move to light hand weights.

Exercising will burn excess fat and calories. The strength training helps build lean muscle mass. The more lean muscle mass you have the more calories you burn due to your higher metabolic rate.


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7 Vital Weight Loss Tips

"I have struggled with my weight since I can remember and finally at the age of 34 I have figured out what works for me. I have cracked the code to maintaining a healthy and lean ideal weight. Along my journey, I have spent a lot of time looking for weight loss tips, studying nutrition and applying what I have learned. Weight Loss is not an easy thing, if you are like me I am constantly looking for different weight loss tips and information that will help me achieve my goals. Here are some of the weight loss tips that have helped me on my journey. I hope these ideas will become useful to you in your weight loss journey!

Buy a Scale

This weight loss tip is easy, get a scale! It is very important to track your progress. It is very easy to lose track of your weight so you must stay focused on where you are. Weigh in twice a week and at the same time of the day. When I got a scale I would weigh in every Tuesday and Thursday morning before jumping into the shower. It is important to be consistent with the time of day and scale you are using. Your body weight will continue to fluctuate throughout the day and the week. This always kept me in check with my results and it gave me the opportunity to celebrate my wins. When my weight did not change or went up I would re-evaluate what I was doing. Be careful, do not beat yourself up if you are not getting the results you want as quick as you want. Be consistent and do not give up! You will achieve your goal!

Drink Water

I learned this weight loss tip in The Diet Solution Program. This weight loss tip is also mentioned in just about every weight loss article I have read. Drink Water, lots of it! Do the calculation, I learned in The Diet Solution Program that you must drink half your body weight in ounces of water everyday. This is crucial to your weight loss success! I suggest drinking a full glass of water first thing in the morning before you do anything. Get yourself a reusable water container and a Brita to ensure healthy fresh water. I measured out how many containers I needed to drink per day and I was diligent about it! I am still drinking a lot of water today. Keep in mind that you will need to drink an additional 8 ounces of water for every caffeinated beverage you consume and every workout you do.

Set up a Reward System

This is one of my favorite weight loss tips! It is so important to celebrate your successes along the way! I set up weekly goals and rewarded myself with either a treat from my favorite store, a massage, or a treatment from the spa! You will want to be realistic with your goals to set yourself up for success. It is amazing how great the momentum will build when you continually achieve your little goals within the week. Some goals I set for myself were working out 4 times in a week, or not eating chocolate all week, or sometimes it was to lose 1 pound in the week! When I achieved a major milestone in my weight I bought myself a new outfit!

Ask for Help

Here's a weight loss tip, ask for help! Talk to people at the gym, friends, and family. Explain to them that you would like them to help you achieve your weight loss goal. You don't have to do this by yourself! I had an accountability partner that I would check in with 3 times per week and I would communicate what actions I was going to take toward my goal that week. Having this accountability helped me stay on track. And, I found it inspiring to watch shows like the Biggest Loser or The Last 10 Pounds. You can pick up a lot of weight loss tips while watching. You are not alone in this journey, ask for help.

Be Prepared to Fail

This weight loss tip is very important to remember! Most people give up as soon as they experience some failure. You have no control of what has already happened, only what you can do now to change your results for the future. The secret is to keep moving forward, be sure to learn from your mistakes, and continue to adapt and change. Expect the ups and downs and stay focused on your desired result. You deserve to have everything you want in life. You will get through the tough times and it will make the journey that much more rewarding.

Take Photos

I was a bit scared of this weight loss tip and it turned out to be one of the most rewarding! Taking photos really helped me put things into perspective! I put on a bikini and had my boyfriend take photos so that I could see myself and track my progress. Wow! It was amazing to see a before and after photos! I really never saw myself as fat! When I realized the difference in my body after just a 10 pound difference I started to see myself differently. I also got a chance to celebrate my progress! Imagine how you will feel when you are lean and sexy sporting a bikini for your next beach vacation! I am still waiting on my boyfriend to take me to the beach somewhere!

Have a Cheat Day

You would never think that a weight loss tip would include eat pizza and drink wine! Every week have a cheat day! You can't deprive yourself of all the things you enjoy all the time! I would eat some chocolate or pizza and definitely have some red wine on my cheat days. Cheat Day was amazing for my mental health and oh boy did I look forward to that day! Keep in mind moderation! You don't want to ruin all the hard work you did all week.

I hope you find these weight loss tips helpful. Keep working hard and smart, you will achieve your goals! For further information, I encourage you to check out The Diet Solution Program and take control of your life now! I am confident the knowledge and information I learned from this program will help you just as it had helped me in my weight loss journey.

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5 Amazing Healthy Weight Loss Tips

"If you need to lose weight fast, then this will be the most important article you'll ever read.

Here's why. I'm going to reveal 5 healthy weight loss tips that can cause absolute landslides of weight loss.

Safe, simple and easy.

I'm speaking from experience here.

I used these 5 healthy weight loss tips consistently to lose 30 pounds in 30 days.

So here's the promise, apply what you're going to learn today and over the next 7 days, you can experience ""miracle results"".

It's a lot easier to lose weight than what you may think.

Let's being.

-- Tip 1, Avoid dehydration.

2 out of 3 people are overweight.

Studies have also shown that 2 out of 3 people are dehydrated.

Now, could there be a correlation here?

The answer is absolutely yes!

In fact, water is essential for metabolic inefficiency. If you don't have enough water in your body, than you're simply not going to burn calories at an elevated rate and you're not going to lose weight as easily as you could.

Also, water is a fundamental body cleanser. Water is used specifically to eliminate burned fat and other waste products from the body.

So if you lack water, you're not going to eliminate waste as effectively and you'll store more fat.

It is just that simple.

-- Tip 2, Think inside-out.

Weight loss is and inside out process... meaning, you want to give your body what it needs on the inside and the results will show up on the outside.

Your body needs proper nutrition to lose weight.

If it's not getting the proper nutrition, then it's not going to respond and you're not gong to get the results you want.

So what should you eat?

My answer is keep it simple.

Consume healthy food combinations multiple times throughout the day. Something like a chicken and spinach salad.

Now, if you can consume this 2 to 3 times per day it will take a huge load off your variety and make losing weight much less confusing.

Plus, you'll be giving your body what it needs on the inside.

Please note... this is perhaps the most important of all these healthy weight loss tips.

-- Tip 3, Calorie replacement.

Check your cupboards.

What do you have in there...

- Boxed cereals?

- Salad dressing?

- Soda?

The problem with these foods... and most others you get at the grocery store... is that they are highly processed and are loaded with ""empty"" calories.

These are simply unhealthy waste calories that your body loves to convert into fat in your problem areas - hips, butt, thighs, stomach, underarms.

These are prime areas of storage for empty calories.

So all you want to do is replace these empty calories with healthy food options.

If you can do this... you will notice some immediate results.

-- Tip 4, Eat throughout the day.

Too many times we equate weight loss with eating less.

But if this were true... then why are there so many people out there that are overweight, but don't hardly eat anything.

And contrast that with the people who seem to be able to eat anything and never gain weight.

The reason is that weight loss is not a matter of simply ""eating less"".

Get this... you need calories to burn calories.

If you are only eating 2 to 3 meals per day your body is probably saying ""hey, there's a food shortage here,"" so it will store fat.

Now. For those who are getting 5 to 6 meals per day their body is saying ""I'm getting plenty of food here, so I can release some of this excess fat"".

This is one of the healthy weight loss tips that is ""beaten like a dead horse"" by every expert under the sun. But it works.

All you need to do is just think of wild vs. domesticated animals.

Have you ever seen an animal in the wild that is overweight? - Probably not too many times.

However, there are lots and lots of domesticated dogs, cats and other animals that are obese.

The reason wild animals typically don't get fat is because they graze throughout the day.

The bottom line here is that you want to eat throughout the day. That will fire-up your metabolism.

And now for last of the healthy weight loss tips...

-- Tip 5, Focus on muscle development.

Too many times people equate cardio exercises like running as optimal for weight loss.

But this is not the case.

What actually is optimal are things like weight lifting.

The reason is that these are muscle development exercises. They develop muscle. This is great because muscle burns 30 to 50 calories per pound.

It is ""living"". It feasts on fat.

The bottom line is...

I've found that those who focus on muscle development exercises tend to lose weight much easier than those who do not.

So there you have it.

If you can apply each of those 5 healthy weight loss tips over the next 7 days, then you can get miracle results.

I've done it. I've also seen it happen for many of my clients.

It's just that easy.


Sunday, August 10, 2014

Finding the Best Weight Loss Program

The best weight loss program will include the personal characteristics and needs of the individual. This approach utilizes the services of a nutritionist and an exercise instructor. The nutritionist should have adequate education and experience with the numerous issues of weight loss challenges. To begin developing an individual dietary program, the nutritionist will assess your current status, determine your daily caloric requirement for a safe development of weight loss, and break down your meal plan into a healthful ratio of protein, carbohydrates, and fats.

Finding the best program may take a lot of trial and error before settling on one that produces results. People should practice these weight loss programs which require discipline, controlling one's food intake, and exercising properly they will begin to lose weight and feel better on themselves. The best approach to increasing the level of physical activity in your life is to take it slowly. You can increase your activity levels by simply increasing movement throughout the day. A lot of weight loss program require people to eat little amount of carbohydrates and more protein and have some exercise each day for a certain amount of time. Although this can be annoying first, but it will pay off for the end of time. Losing weight can make a person feel better, look better, and become more productive during the day.

Through weight loss programs help learn a person on how to eat healthy foods that are easy to prepare and find in the grocery store. Fruits, other vegetables, lean meat and foods that have many nutrients will help the body digest food easily and efficiently. Being able to accomplish all goals that are set through the day is wonderful feelings that will help a person have more energy throughout the day. The goal of many people is to lose weight, but few of them only achieve because of the daily stresses that life can bring.

Having a good or best weight loss plan in whatever we do, it pays to have a real plan of action. It is our plans that will allow us to move on the next line using specific steps and it is the same with weight loss. In the mission to lose weight, it is very important that you have a good or best weight loss plan or program to set.

Before getting started with weight loss. Let me tell you that weight loss process has two main elements which are the exercise and diet. But while these are the most important portions of a weight loss treatment, which are not the only considerations we take here. Therefore, you should not only want to lose weight but to become healthier as well.

Doctor is the person that you should consult when it comes to your health before starting on any type of exercise program you have. And he is the one who has a better understanding of health and any existing medical conditions.

In preparing for health is a part of creating a good weight loss plan is building a solid foundation from which to work on. This is a foundation of a medical check up for any weight loss plan. A good medical check up will do wonders for your weight loss plan.

First, it's good practice to have some assurance that you will be in good-enough shape to be able to do the workouts provided with an acceptable degree of safety. Even so, the better trainers will know from your response whether you need a more extensive check and clearance from your doctor. Through this check up you better determine whether or not you are in good health even though that you are healthy ii is not a simple matter that it seems. Today, many people feel that they have no problems with their body at that time, but without knowing by them they are sick. And one of the example diseases here is the cancer that doesn't present itself until it is almost too late.

Second, the foods that you eat and the exercise that you engage in, is the one that your doctors will advise you. A lot of people get hurry into a weight loss program and many of them get hurt or never finish. You should ask for the professional help, to avoid mistakes that so many people make.

Losing weight is a challenge for those who have been overweight for their entire lives and not a struggle for some people. People who need to lose a lot of weight need to start out slowly and work their way up to exercising and eating healthy foods. They will maintain their goal once they reach it through exercise and diets. Even though this is also a struggle, but if a person have disciplined, they will be able to stay fit and have extra energy to do the things they want.

No matter which plan or program you choose to get on, perseverance with your plan of action cannot be overstated. Frequent monitoring and adjusting is obligatory in order for the best weight loss program to be discovered and utilized. Setting practical, honest goals for yourself, both short-term and long-term, and reminding yourself where you are headed is almost certainly the most critical factor for success.

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How To Lose Weight Fast Without Diet Pills Or Exercise!

I have always been what most would consider a “big girl”. In January 2014, I weighed 180 lbs (around 82 kilograms), which is quite overweight for a woman my height. I wasn’t always this weight though. In my teenage years, I weighed only 140 pounds and I felt much healthier and happier.

I strived desperately over the years to get back to this weight. But with a stressful and busy work life, I struggled to do so. Nothing seemed to work for me. I tried everything from diet pills to exercise machines I saw advertised on TV. I even tried crazy diets like the acai berry diet, and the green tea diet. They didn’t do anything for me. I was still overweight and considered myself ‘fat’.

That all changed in March 2014 though. I lost a staggering 23 pounds in only 21 days using an extreme diet I found online called The 3 Week Diet. I came across this diet after I read a news article about a famous Victoria Secret model who was using this exact same diet to lose loads of fat in preparation for photo shoots. If it worked for her I thought, shouldn’t it work for me?

I immediately started searching on Google and managed to find the official 3 Week Diet website. There, I watched a video by a professional nutritionist who revealed step-by-step what was needed to lose weight quickly. I was shocked, because noone had ever told me this information before! I had visited personal trainers, dieticians, and doctors, and in all these years, noone had ever told me these dieting secrets!

The next day I began the program. At first I thought it would be really difficult and that I would have to starve myself to see any progress. Boy was I wrong! I pretty much ate whatever I was eating before, but I made sure to eat it at the specific times when my metabolism was burning a thousand times faster than usual. I also made sure to include the secret fat burning foods listed in The 3 Week Diet with every meal. These things combined made the fat literally melt right off my body! How did I know what times my metabolism was burning fat and what foods to include in my diet? Well, Brian from The 3 Week Diet had laid it all out for me as soon as I joined the website. It couldn’t have been easier!

On the first day alone, I lost 2 lbs (around 1 kilogram). The next day, I lost a massive 3 lbs! By the end of the first week I had lost around 10 lbs (4.5 kilograms)! That was much more than I had anticipated. I thought I would lose around 5 lbs max! But 10 lbs in only 7 days! That was life changing! I continued to follow the diet for the entire course of 21 days, and by the end of the diet I had lost an earth-shattering 30 lbs of 100% pure body fat!

My dreams had come true! I was now closer to my ideal body weight than ever before! I felt slimmer, sexier, and healthier! My belly fat had shrunk, my butt was firmer, my thighs were tighter, and my cheeks were no longer round and chubby! Some people barely recognized me! I loved my new body and it was all 100% thanks to The 3 Week Diet. It changed my life!

I am continuing to do The 3 Week Diet and the fat is still dropping off! I'm aiming to get down to 140 lbs and I am probably going to get there in less than a couple weeks! This diet has been one of the best experiences of my entire life. I didn’t have to starve myself, I didn’t have to take any unhealthy diet pills, I didn’t have to work my butt off at the gym, and I didn’t have to eat bland boring food! The 3 Week Diet is really the only solution out there today if you are looking for a system which shows you how to lose weight fast. It worked for me, and I know it will work for you too.

Visit The 3 Weeks Diet Official website now!

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